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Open a window to the world


It was in 2002, in Afghanistan that the first project of our future association saw the light of day: A cinema for Kabul raised Ariana from its ashes. In Iraq after having created an open-air cinema in Erbil, the arrival of more than a million refugees driven out by Daesh led us to imagine a traveling cinema moving around the refugee camps. In the summer, the sessions are open-air, bringing together hundreds of spectators of all ages.


Screens of Peace are present today in Iraq, Syria, Tanzania, the DRC, and soon in Armenia. We set up cinemas in refugee camps, we build or rebuild cinemas, we provide films, educational programs and participate in our local partners' festivals.

An eclectic audience


Screens of Peace are synonymous with escape, but also education. Our screenings offer a meeting point with the contemporary creation of moving image techniques, thanks to the diversity of films from various horizons.


They are aimed at young audiences (Most of them are children between 2 and 12 years old) as well as adult audiences. Films are a natural subject for discussion and debate which can encourage people to speak ut. To respect all sensitivities, we organize special screenings for specific audiences, especially women and adolescents.

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