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A diverse offer

A programming designed specifically for the audience

Since the beginning of our activities, spectators have walked in Aladdin's footsteps, crossed the stars of Star Wars, laughed at Charlie Chaplin's jokes, then at Mister Bean's, while becoming, for a moment, the classmates of the courageous Wadjda (Haifaa al-Mansour). The eldest among them accompanied the Women of the bus 678 (Mohamed Diab) for the time of a movie and savoured the confidences of the Caramel beauty salon (Nadine Labaki). 


In 2020, our programming will become more diversified: the character of Maestro will meet all the spectators of the Screens of Peace, speaking in their own language (Armenian, Arabic, French) thanks to the broadcasts of the series Il était une fois.... In addition, local films such as the film Kick Off by the Kurdish director Shawkat Amin Korki will be screened and will be presented by the director to the audience. 


We are continuously working with our team of volunteers to enrich our programming offer and adapt it to the audiences.

The films programmed by the Screens of Peace are entertainment and educational films, which respond to several prerogatives depending on the places in which they are screened. 


Our audiences are specific, being displaced persons and/or refugees as a result of war, and therefore we program films that do not contain violence or fighting scenes, that do not have militant content that could create ideological and political divisions, and finally, that do not show any sensual or sexual relations between the characters. 


Above all, we ensure that we screen films in the language(s) spoken in the places where we broadcast, and in some cases we must also consider local dialects (Kurmancî, Soranî, Arabic, Armenian, French). In addition, we give preference to dubbed films. Nonetheless, we sometimes use subtitles for films that are very popular or emblematic of the history of cinema, such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 

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