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Our partners

ARP Civil Society of Authors - Directors - Producers ADRC Agence pour le Développement Régional du Cinéma CST Commission Supérieure Technique de l'Image et du Sound UNHCR , United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees NRC , Norwegian Refugee Council

Our institutional partners: THE FRENCH INSTITUTE OF ERBIL LA RADIO AL-SALAM, THE GOETHE INSTITUT, THE RFI CLUBS , Radio France Internationale (Niaragusu, Lusenda)

Our partners in the camps: LE CENTER DES AFFAIRES SOCIALES, ACTED , Technical Cooperation and Development Assistance Agency (Domiz 1) AVDAR YOUTH UNION FILMEMFA ARTIST HOUSE (Domiz 1) ROJAVA STUDENTS AND YOUTH UNION (Qushtapa) DOSA (Qushtapa ) HARIKA (Gawilan) SARDAM CENTER (Domiz 1) SAVE THE CHILDREN (Domiz 2)

Our volunteer team

PARIS Frédéric Namur Cinema architect, Founder Amélie Banzet President, Consultant Nicolas Bary Ambassador of the association, author, director and producer Hugues Dewavrin Secretary general, Company manager Marion Dualé PhD student, Director Elise Mallard Volunteer in charge of communication, production manager Cécile Massie Photographer, Humanitarian Project Coordinator Caroline Santiard In charge of cultural actions at ARP Frédéric Tissot Treasurer, Former Consul General of France in Erbil, Doctor Pauline Tucoulet Volunteer in charge of programming, contractual doctoral student in film studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3) and lecturer at Inalco and Sorbonne Nouvelle

Our team in the field

TANZANIA Leapen Kiza Professor, Librarian, Project Coordinator (2019) Alain Kiséna Head of the RFI Clu of Kigoma KURDISTAN OF IRAQ Muhammad Alqadry Project Coordinator (2019) Najat Muhammad Ahmad Technician, assistant and driver (since 2016) Associations and collectives in the camps Help for the assembly and installation of equipment KURDISTAN DE SYRIA Sevînaz Evdîke Co-director of the Commune of the film of Rojava, Artistic director of the International Film Festival of Rojava Hogîr Qolan Responsible for the traveling cinema of the Commune of the film Komina Film A Rojava DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Emmanuel Ntirampeba Project coordinator (2019) Robert Jangala Assistant to doctor Mukwege

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