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Nicolas bary

Author - Director - Producer

"There are adventures that you take for granted. I discovered the association Screens of Peace recently, with the feeling that everything had always led me there. When I was 20 years old, I accompanied about 20 young people from a city to make an associative film. When I was 25, I went to Burkina Faso with another association to project a film in a village on an open-air screen for all the inhabitants of the region. I remember their exclamations of happiness, hilarious as they discovered the passengers of the Titanic sliding on the deck towards an assured drowning. Recently invited in Armenia for a festival, I discovered when I joined Screens of Peace that the association was also developing a project there…


I wish to accompany the adventure of Screens of Peace in my own way, acting as a spokeperson for the passion and energy that is the fuel of the members of the association. I discover brave people, discreet heroes, who have a burning fire in their hearts to make cinema a weapon of humanity.

Our group is humble in the face of the living conditions of the spectators whom we touch, but ambitious in the means we are willing to deploy. "

Nicolas Bary is an author, director and producer of feature films, music videos and commercials. At the age of 20, he produced and directed several audacious short films, then in 2008, his first feature film, Trouble at Timpetill. This family movie has been screened internationally in 35 different countries.  He then directed The Scapegoat in 2012, then Petit Spirou in 2017. He is currently developing his next movies with his structure TimpelPictures and accompanies other directors on their projects.


Nicolas joined Screens of Peace in January 2020 as Ambassador of the association, with the aim of bringing cinema and its values throughout the world. Because his vision and his approach to cinema have been able to reach a large and multicultural audience, speaking to everyone through dreamlike and singular experiences, we are welcoming this new year filled with dreams, poetry and hope.

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