Access to images for displaced or refugee populations in Iraqi Kurdistan and in Africa is not only a cultural but also a human priority.

From a radio was born cinema

The project "Screens of Peace" was born on the occasion ot the inauguration of Radio Al Salam (Radio de la Paix), in April 2015, in the city of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. 

Its main goal is to organize screenings in countries or regions affected by armed conflicts or natural disasters. The aim is to install cinema screens again and to " switch on again" the lights of the projectors.

Opening a window on the world

In Iraqi Kurdistan, it is not necessary to build permanent structures, but to go in front of the refugees and the displaced persons. The notion of mobility was then necessary as a method for the actions of the association "Screens of Peace". Showing movies from one camp to another, on a regular basis, on a set day, allows to struggle against the vacuousness of the camps so as to give landmarks.

In Africa, our association started its work on this model of action. Screens were installed inside the camps and in a hospital. But, the conditions of our work are not quite the same and it will be necessary in 2020 to have built cinema theater where we are present. 

The cinema screen is a window opened on the world for those people condemned to live in walled places, cut off from the world. It is a means to let life go on.