Future prospects

In 2018, we will continue our screenings in five new camps. If we can, we will expand our sphere of geographic influence, with, hy not, a second team. Concerning the programmation, we will try to show more documentaries, especially wildlife documentaries, but also cultural ones, or documentaries about the story of the "Mesopotamian" region.

The documentaries on the program will be about architecture, archeology, music, dance, traditional arts but also contemporary creation. Besides, we will schedule more French and European movies, insofar as versions subtitled in Arabic exist. 

Finally, we will go on our partnerships with the other NGOs on site, but also with schools present in camps, and this will take place during schooltime. 

Our experience in Iraqi Kurdistan allows us to plan - but this is subject to nw financial resources - to set up Screens of Peace in other Middle-East or African countries, or even, under other forms, in Europe.